Martin Wieland 博士学术讲座报告(2020-37)

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报告题目:Recent Progress in Seismic Analysis of Large Dams
报 告 人: Martin Wieland 博士
时   间 :2020年12月12日(周六)15:30-16:30
地   点:河海大学江宁校区乐学楼1116室
主办单位:  国际合作处 350vip葡亰集团动力学与控制研究所
    Today, the seismic stress and deformation analyses are carried out by linear dynamic analyses and dynamic stability analyses, i.e. rigid body analyses such as the Newmark sliding block method, which is standard practice for the slope stability analysis of embankment dams. New types of dams such as dams with thin impermeable membranes require a higher degree of accuracy in the analysis of deformation as these membranes may be vulnerable to dam deformations. A thorough understanding of the inelastic and nonlinear seismic phenomena, which are expected during strong ground shaking, is the prerequisite for any nonlinear seismic analysis of dams. The appropriate methods of dynamic analyses are discussed. In arch dams, strong ground shaking could lead to opening of block joints and the contact between concrete and foundation rock, and the formation of cracks along horizontal lift joints. The methods for nonlinear dynamic analysis of dams are, however, still under development. Nonlinear seismic analyses need substantial engineering judgment. The proper formulation of the goals of the seismic analysis is probably the most difficult task required to ensure that such an analysis can actually ‘succeed’. Relatively simple models should be preferred to complex models employing nonlinear constitutive laws using parameters that are either not available or very hard to determine.
    Dr. Martin Wieland is the Chairman of the ICOLD Committee on Seismic Aspects of Dam Design and is a senior dam and earthquake expert at AFRY Switzerland, where he has been involved in the seismic safety evaluation of several dams and the design of major infrastructure projects. He obtained his MSc. and PhD in civil engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. He has received an Honorary Professorship from Hohai University in Nanjing, China in 2002 and he has authored over 300 technical papers in the fields of dam and earthquake engineering.